“What Can the Year 1985 Teach Us About Today?”

By: Seth Lejeune It was the year of the Goonies, Back to the Future and too many great songs to count. (RIP Prince) “What can 1985 teach us about today?” I’m fairly certain that everyone has (or at least I hope they do) a year or era of their lives where their recollection is oneContinue reading ““What Can the Year 1985 Teach Us About Today?””

What Does It Mean When It says “Pre-Foreclosure” on Zillow?

By: Seth Lejeune It’s inevitable. I get the random text from a client or acquaintance with an address and something that read, “Whoa… is this for real?” or “Why hasn’t this shown up in my MLS portal?” I then hop on my trusty MLS to find no such address for sale. Hmmmm…. AHA! It mustContinue reading “What Does It Mean When It says “Pre-Foreclosure” on Zillow?”

“What Does “10x” Mean?”

By: Seth Lejeune If you follow me on social media, you will often see me comment “10x”. Many have asked me what I mean. Talking about parenting wins? 10x! Talking about business success? 10x! People are crushing their personal goals? 10x! People are hitting the gym? 10x! What the hell am I talking about? GladContinue reading ““What Does “10x” Mean?””

“HELP! How in the World Do I Stay Productive Right Now?”

  By: Seth Lejeune It’s a very common complaint right now and if the picture above looks like your new daily work schedule, then keep reading. Like me, if you’re confined to your home office, homeschooling, landscaping, cooking, cleaning all in any given day, then you need these tips even more.  Many of our livesContinue reading ““HELP! How in the World Do I Stay Productive Right Now?””

“Will COVID-19 Permanently Change Cities?”

It was a question that came from one of my #asksethanything sessions on Facebook and it made me pause. Even in these times, I am able to handle most questions pretty easily since this is a temporary (hopefully) situation, but this question has larger implications and requires some imagination. Could COVID-19 fundamentally change how andContinue reading ““Will COVID-19 Permanently Change Cities?””

“Is Mortgage Forbearance a Good Idea?”

In this time of COVID-19, our society is temporarily in uncharted waters. With a shutdown of most business and commerce, this means income in some cases have been paused as well. Inevitably this begs the question of whether people will have the cash reserves to service their debts and cover their living expenses in theContinue reading ““Is Mortgage Forbearance a Good Idea?””