What’s It Been Like Being a PA REALTOR During COVID?

By: Seth Lejeune (no,seriously) On May 19th, 2020 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania became the last state in America to allow real estate services during COVID. Granted, most states (and countries) never discontinued this sector of their economies, but after several weeks of stalled transactions, heavy restrictions, double mortgage payments and inconvenience to many of itsContinue reading “What’s It Been Like Being a PA REALTOR During COVID?”

“How Much is My Home Worth In COVID?”

This is the “big kahuna” question these days…It’s the one you might be afraid to ask… or too angry to ask, but in times of uncertainty the question of home values are top of mind and people come to real estate pros for answers. People’s emotions are all over the place right now, so IContinue reading ““How Much is My Home Worth In COVID?””