Rising Mortgage Rates While You’re Waiting For Your Home to Be Built

In the current market of high demand and low inventory, it’s common practice to be outbid numerous times when trying to purchase a home.  Therefore, lots of homebuyers are opting to forgo the bidding wars and simply build a house. This can be an attractive option on paper but not necessarily simple.  Labor shortages andContinue reading “Rising Mortgage Rates While You’re Waiting For Your Home to Be Built”

How “Aging in Place” is Reshaping the Real Estate Market

There are so many more options now that make it easier for older adults to stay in their homes as they get older.  There is in-home medical care, meal delivery services, in-home helpers for cooking and cleaning, and even ways to retrofit your home to make it more accommodating.  Fairly minimal home accommodation projects couldContinue reading “How “Aging in Place” is Reshaping the Real Estate Market”

One of the Things that Really Has Annoyed Me About this Market

There’s an old sales adage that states, “The confused mind says ‘no’”. Nothing could be truer when it comes to VA home loans. This has been truly one of the most disappointing things about this two-year run we have had in the market. VA loans seem to be thrown aside as substandard or “risky”.  AsContinue reading “One of the Things that Really Has Annoyed Me About this Market”

How To Pay For Your Home Improvement Projects

From something minor like fresh paint, to something major like adding additional rooms, home improvement projects can make your home a better place to live as well as increase its value.  The cost of these projects can be daunting and they can add up fast.  Let’s take a look at several options for financing homeContinue reading “How To Pay For Your Home Improvement Projects”

Can I buy real estate using cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is essentially a form of digital money that is not regulated or reliant on any central authority such as a government or a bank to uphold or maintain it. Surprisingly (and something I didn’t realize), more than one-third of small businesses reportedly accept crypto-payments, which leads some to speculate whether crypto mortgage payments areContinue reading “Can I buy real estate using cryptocurrency?”

Why a Bank Statement Loan Could be the Answer to Your Prayers

Not common but a less known type of financing is the bank statement loan. What are they? I got this question from a small business owner recently who was trying to purchase a home. They are essentially a type of loan that allows a buyer to get a mortgage without the traditional documents (taxes, paystubs,Continue reading “Why a Bank Statement Loan Could be the Answer to Your Prayers”

2022 Market Predictions: Is a crash coming next?

The biggest market question hovering in the air right now, no matter where you live, is how is the housing market doing and will it crash in 2022?  The simple answer is that it will not crash this year. There I said it. I don’t like making absolute statements like that, but the forecast forContinue reading “2022 Market Predictions: Is a crash coming next?”

Is an Open House a Good idea in this Market? 

So much has changed in the last 3 years when it comes to those tried and true real estate practices. With Covid, the open house has faced the most disruption. After all, a pandemic and inviting strangers into your home didn’t exactly mix well. But now that the pandemic is largely behind us, agents areContinue reading “Is an Open House a Good idea in this Market? ”

Why Won’t My House Sell?

Sometimes homes just won’t sell – but why? Here are some top reasons that could explain everything. Pricing: The price is too high; this is by far the most common reason that a home is not selling in this market. Rarely if ever are we seeing a lack of demand – meaning sellers are enjoyingContinue reading “Why Won’t My House Sell?”