No, Foreclosures Aren’t Coming Back

Yes, there has been a shift in the market over the past several months, which has raised concerns that we are destined for a repeat of the crash we saw in 2008.  But the reality is there are a few major differences between what is happening today and the bubble of the early 2000s. TheContinue reading “No, Foreclosures Aren’t Coming Back”

Advantages of Buying a Home in the Current Market

Buying a home in any market, at any time is a very personal decision.  The best way to make that decision is by educating yourself on the facts, working with a trusted professional, and not following the sensationalized headlines in the news daily. My team and I only deal in facts and bring an educationalContinue reading “Advantages of Buying a Home in the Current Market”

Why Some Flippers are Losing Now…

In 2022, mortgage rates hit 7%, which put a major strain on housing affordability and further priced buyers out of the market.  All the while inflation continued to drive up labor costs, sending costs for home renovations and new builds up and up.  This is a perfect recipe for disaster for home flippers. Just likeContinue reading “Why Some Flippers are Losing Now…”

The Three Biggest Mistakes I See Young Buyers Making

First-time homebuyers are, on average, 33 years old.  Generally, the average age of homebuyers is 47.  Not only has the average age changed, but the home-buying process as a whole has changed not only with the invention of the internet, but then even more so when the pandemic pushed everything more digital. I’ve been inContinue reading “The Three Biggest Mistakes I See Young Buyers Making”