“What Does “10x” Mean?”


By: Seth Lejeune

If you follow me on social media, you will often see me comment “10x”. Many have asked me what I mean. Talking about parenting wins? 10x! Talking about business success? 10x! People are crushing their personal goals? 10x! People are hitting the gym? 10x! What the hell am I talking about? Glad you asked.

It is in reference to the book “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone. Let me explain…

The book’s premise is this: Your success is directly tied to the amount of effort you put forth. In other words: Everything you want is on the other side of massive amounts of effort.

See, once you realize that the effort most people expend is not enough to reach their goals, you also realize you can outwork them…creating a massive advantage. This concept also explains a lot of why people are unhappy in this world. In my opinion, most people aren’t working toward their full potential and many of the ones who find something they’re passionate about don’t realize what is required to make all their dreams (if they have them) a reality. I’m not saying people don’t work hard… I am saying they may not be working toward the thing that will get them to where they truly want to go.

The 10x Rule doesn’t speak about finding your purpose or your life’s mission… one knows there are plenty of books that can help with that. This book is about understanding the amount of work and consistency needed to get what you want. Upon reading the actual book and re-listening on Audible several times, his philosophy became mine and the rest is history. This isn’t for those who wish to dabble… this is for those who wish to go for it.

Furthermore, Cardone leaves the 10x Rule purposely ambiguous so that it can be applied to many things. Whether training for a triathalon, starting a business, repairing a relationship, learning a new skill, developing a new idea or starting a movement, the common theme is that massive amounts of action are necessary. Through that ambiguity, I have turned it into a bit of an “attaboy” response that I can type quickly. A “congrats” or “way to go” so to speak. So there’s your answer. So if you see that comment, you now have context.

But let me ask you something… Are you “10xing” or are you languishing? Are you going for things or just waiting “until”? Are you working toward the thing that makes our wanna get up in the morning? Last week I wrote about productivity (HERE) which I hope you read. After reading that post, I realize that almost everything I was suggesting for being productive during COVID are the same things I would have recommended a month ago before all this started. So I ask you again, are you working as hard as you can on the things you need to do to be successful through this period and beyond? I sure hope so… I know I am.

Whether in paper form or on Audible (recommended), the “The 10X Rule” might be worth a look… (Order here)  It kicks you in the ass and it could change your life. It changed mine.

Operating Partner and Leader of The Seth Lejeune Team at RE/MAX HOMEPOINT. Founding Partner at BWB Capital – asksethanything@gmail.com / 610.804.2104

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