What’s It Been Like Being a PA REALTOR During COVID?


By: Seth Lejeune (no,seriously)

On May 19th, 2020 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania became the last state in America to allow real estate services during COVID. Granted, most states (and countries) never discontinued this sector of their economies, but after several weeks of stalled transactions, heavy restrictions, double mortgage payments and inconvenience to many of its citizens we real estate agents are able to start helping our clients again!

This article won’t be discussing the prudence of this hiatus in real estate and for that you can turn to your neighbor turned epidemiologist turned constitutional scholar. LOL.

In March when the shutdowns began to occur, it was like having a hole ripped through my sail as I was starting the America’s Cup. The Spring market, flush with new listings and buzzing with activity, was upon us and I was churning out deals for my clients. Then we were dead in the water (Ok, I am done with the sailing metaphors). Overriding the implications of a stalled real estate market were graver concerns of public health and disruptions of society across the board. These concerns remain as of this writing…

For the Seth Lejeune Team and all of us at RE/MAX Homepoint, this time has not been wasted… After about a week of adjustment and realization that real estate in any form simply was not going to happen, my team and I went to work on educating ourselves, brushing up on best practices, and getting our business plans together. Instead of us all being “keyboard warriors” and complaining about our circumstances, we all focused on what we could control. We got more certifications, explored new areas of the real estate business, read books, watched webinars…you name it, we absorbed it. In totality, this has allowed us to be super prepared for this day… the day we would reopen…

If you follow my blog, you know that I have written on more general topics in recent weeks…topics such as your “New Normal“, The Wisdom of Simplicity & Productivity Hacks. I’ve discussed these since at that time, I felt this is what people needed to hear and focus on (and perhaps I needed to work through these ideas as well). I hope you’ve enjoyed these topics as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them…

You can expect this blog to continue in this vein, but I will be also focusing more on relevant real estate topics since this is going to be very important for you all and what you now need to hear. As always, my mission here is to provide you with relevant real estate information!

But for RIGHT now, I’m ready to work and feel very blessed to have a job to return to… I know many Americans are concerned they won’t when this is all over. For me, this time will be spent solving as many problems as I can for my clients. Whether they wish to buy a 3 million property in Villanova or they need me to walk them through the foreclosure process, my goal is help everyone I can! Lots of coffee and long days but I promise to get to as many of you as I can!

Stay healthy and safe everyone! I’ll see you all out there!

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