“How Do I Adjust to My New Normal?”


People all over the country are going through this COVID pandemic in their own way. Some areas are deeply affected while others are questioning whether all this is real at all. I went through a rather rigorous thought process. I deliberated the pros and cons of certain real estate topics. What could I write this month? Hmmm…

It then occurred to me that since our world has changed in the near term, so would my approach to this article. As always, my primary mission is to keep you informed and provide value. Therefore, I decided upon this question which isn’t from a specific person, but rather what we are all wondering. How do we adjust to this new normal? Someone once told me to focus on what I can control, so that’s what we’ll be talking about here.

As a 40-something realtor with a full-time working wife, two young kids and a house to take care of, I am now a teacher, cleaner & landscaper. An adjustment to say the least… Below are some things to consider for constructing your new normal.

  1. Be Productive: Get up, make your bed, get showered, get dressed. When one does this, you’re telling your brain to be productive. I’ve experienced those days where I never really got out of those super comfy pajama pants and know my productivity was less than ideal. In fact, as I write this I am fully dressed in work clothes. This will also ensure you’re not reacting to your day and getting a handle on it before things spiral out of control. I don’t know about you, but controlling as much of my day as possible is a happier day in my book.
  2. Take it Easy: Give yourself a break. As the news and closures came across the news, I stumbled upon an article from Rome, Italy that had interviewed moms in that city. At the time, these moms were about two weeks ahead of what we were experiencing in America. One of the moms said “don’t beat yourself up with regimented schedules and itineraries”. It won’t last, you’ll experience burn out and you’ll frustrate everyone around you. Sure, some might be able to do this for the long haul, but most of us can’t.
  3. ZOOM (a lot): Most people think this digital platform is just for conducting business, but it’s not. Our friends and I did couples trivia (we call it Quizzo in Philly) over it and it is really easy to use. I connected my Mastermind Book Club and 422 Business Alliance groups through it. Connection in this time of isolation is really important. Lots of people think social media, text and email is a substitute, but it’s not. Seeing a face on a screen and interacting with that face activates a higher part of our brain and releases brain chemicals which make us feel better. Give it a try and connect.
  4. Take Advantage: You see and hear this message constantly and I will be reiterating here. This time has forced all of us to slow down to some extent and we should be taking advantage. Is there a hobby you want to get into? A book that you haven’t read? A project with your kids? Exercise more? Whatever it is, this is the time to get it done (or started).
  5. Trust History: Some of you may know that I am a student of history. Whenever I can, I lean on the past to guide my future. 12 short years ago, the sky was falling and people were in extreme distress. I remember my father saying, “This is a bad one, but do you know how many of these damn things I’ve been through? It always comes back, people will go back to work and things will return to the way they were.” He was right. Sure, it appears that hardship is waiting for us in the coming months (some more than most), but I know we will rise again because we always have.

Finally, I wanted to say that if you are receiving this, whether physically in the mail, via social media, via email, etc, that means you are in my “sphere”. In the real profession, this term means the people who I have chosen to let into my world. Please know that my wife and I are here for all of you if you should call on us. Take care of yourselves and each other.And of course, don’t forget to Ask Seth Anything!

Operating Partner and Leader of The Seth Lejeune Team at RE/MAX HOMEPOINT. Founding Partner at BWB Capital. asksethanything@gmail.com / 610.804.2104

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