“Why Did You Leave Berkshire Hathaway for RE/MAX?”


Hello All! 2019 was a crazy year with my business continuing to grow, moving my family, acquiring (and rehabbing) & selling a home. In all the hustle and bustle, I also decided to change brokerages and buy into a RE/MAX franchise!  Naturally, this is my most asked question by far right now. Why did I move? Believe me, it didn’t come lightly and I spent several months deliberating the decision. Ultimately, there are many brokerages in the Philly area and almost all of them called me over the course of the last two years trying to get me to come over! However, I do believe there are only a handful of brands that stand out above the rest. Both RE/MAX and Berkshire Hathaway fall into that category.

My move to RE/MAX HOMEPOINT in the end came down to the ability to grow my business through a real estate team (The Seth Lejeune Team) and to own a portion of the franchise itself. These two things will also provide opportunities to help others not only on my individual team but on a company-level. One of my main purposes on Earth is to help people in their businesses and this clears the path to do so.

**It’s only appropriate to take this moment to thank the extremely fine people at Berkshire Hathaway. In 2015, I joined that company for its reputation of professionalism and competence and it did not disappoint. It was extremely important to me to learn this business the “right way” from the start and the mentorship I received there was outstanding.**

Unfortunately, the structure of Berkshire Hathaway is more of a corporate style and doesn’t allow me to play the role I’m most accustomed to which is a business owner. Therefore, moving to a franchise model was the logical next step for my career. This will have zero effect on my real estate services going forward but rather add lots of tools for your real estate needs. With my move to RE/MAX HOMEPOINT comes the following advantages:

  1. Outstanding Real Estate Services
  2. The Seth Lejeune Team has a commercial/multi-family specialist for you investors out there.
  3. REMAX is partnered with an established property management company, BIG Realty, for all of your landlord & tenant needs
  4. BWB Capital Partners are collaborating with REMAX & BIG Realty for what we’re calling “micro-syndications” investment opportunities. (If you have no idea what that is, then inquire with me and I can walk you through it)

The bottom line is that my new setup has me equipped for anything you might require from a real estate professional. If I personally don’t have the expertise, I have someone within my immediate network of partners or on my team who does. This has always been my vision for how I wanted to operate my real estate activities in true, #asksethanything fashion. LOL.

Finally, a part of this new role will be recruiting, so I need to tell you that not only are we onboarding new agents for the team, but also I now have employment opportunities across all sectors of real estate. Whether you wish to simply get your license and sell real estate, do administrative work, find properties/land for investors, I’d be open to have some conversations. So if you, or know someone you know, like the way I do business, want to be part of something bigger, escape the rat race of the 9-5 or all of the above, please reach out. My NEW info is below and don’t forget to Ask Seth Anything!

Operating Partner and Leader of The Seth Lejeune Team at RE/MAX HOMEPOINT. Founding Partner at BWB Capital. asksethanything@gmail.com / 610.804.2104



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