Buying a Fixer Upper… Not So Fast!

Buying a home that needs extensive renovation can be a great way to get a bargain price upfront and make the property your dream home.  However, there are pros and cons to buying a fixer-upper that you should consider before making a decision.  Let’s explore.


Lower Purchase Price: The biggest advantage of buying a fixer-upper is the price.  These properties are priced lower than move-in ready homes, allowing you to purchase a larger home or a home in a better location than you could afford otherwise.

Personalization: By purchasing a fixer-upper, you have the opportunity to create your dream home. You can design the layout and choose the finishes that match your personal style and taste.

Increased Equity: Renovating a property can add significant value to your home. By purchasing a fixer-upper at a lower price and improving it, you can increase your equity and potentially make a significant profit when you sell it.


Hidden Costs: Purchasing a fixer-upper can be risky because you may uncover unexpected issues during the renovation process. These hidden costs can add up quickly, blowing your budget and causing financial strain.

Time-Consuming: Renovating a property takes time and effort. You must be willing to invest the time required to complete the project, which could take several months or even years depending on the scope of the work needed.

Stressful: Renovating a property can be stressful and overwhelming. You must be prepared to deal with the unexpected issues that arise during the renovation process, which can be emotionally draining.

Requires Skill: Renovating a property requires knowledge of construction, plumbing, and electrical work. If you do not have experience in these areas, you will need to hire contractors to complete the work, adding to the overall cost of the renovation.

Buying a fixer-upper property is not for everyone. You must be willing to invest the time, money, and effort required to complete the renovations. If you are up for the challenge, a fixer-upper can be an excellent way to create your dream home while increasing your equity.

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