Single Women are Staking Their Claim on the Market

A recent analysis done by LendingTree found that single women own millions, (yes millions), more homes than their male counterparts.  The same analysis also showed that single women are more likely than single men to own their home in 48 put of the 50 states, the only outlier states being North and South Dakota. 

That’s kind of incredible when you consider the financial hurdles that women have historically faced – umm hello wage gap, for starters.  However, research shows that there are now more college-educated women than men in the workforce, which is translating into more earning power later in life.

Also interesting to note, The National Board of Realtors reported that women typically will spend less money and make more sacrifices on their homes than men will.  Women can feel a need to secure their own futures in order to have a sense of security, and they are willing to save, budget, and make concessions to get themselves into a home.

This is very impressive to see single woman dominating the market over single men.  Maybe Beyonce knew it all along when she asked “Who run the world?”

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