What Do Your Five Senses Have to do with Real Estate?

Looking at property online certainly has its advantages.  It’s easily accessible, on your own schedule, and the options are nearly endless.  Some agents are very good at marketing their properties.  They use professional photography, enhanced lighting, optimal staging, and more just to showcase the property in the very best ways.  It can be easy to fall in love with a property based on these photos, only to be extremely disappointed when you finally see the property in person.

The opposite is also true.  An agent may be in a hurry and simply snap some quick photos with their cellphone.  In these cases, a very nice property can easily be overlooked simply because the agent didn’t take the same time and money to present the home in its best light.

When searching for property online, buyers rely so heavily on photos, it’s the nature of the internet.  It is not unusual for buyers to eliminate multiple homes or even entire areas based solely on their “internet perception.”  But the truth is, perception is not always reality, and that is why I always suggest a “boots on the ground” approach to looking at properties.

Think about all the things that photos can’t tell you.  They can’t tell you things like layout, smells, neighbors, water damage, and more.  I believe that you need all five senses engaged when looking for a home.  What if your neighbor has a huge dog that constantly barks?  You won’t know that from photos.  What if your land is near a sewage plant and there is a constant stench in the air?  What if an area that you think is really safe and family-friendly turns out to be a little less than desirable? 

So get your winter boots on and see some properties in person. You won’t regret it.

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