The 3 Promises I Make to All My Clients

Solid Real Estate Advice – There are a lot of realtors out there and a lot of terrific ones. However, like any occupation you have your bad apples. Now this isn’t to say “bad apples” is referring to unethical or criminal types. It simply means there are certain realtor who know more than others. Some have a tendency to wade into areas of real estate their not familiar with and this can be problematic on the counsel they provide their clients. I am not only insanely curious, but I have a very real desire to learn as much as I can when challenges arise. I read constantly, ask a ton of questions and don’t speak out of turn when things get a little murky. Everyone has to start somewhere and am thankful I have good habits and a sponge-like desire of learning…

That being said, there are areas where I will defer until I do get enough knowledge to guide my clients or will forever do so.. For example, I recently referred to another agent a land deal involving a family member and potential development scenarios. While I was excited to tackle this, I knew the best way to fulfill the needs of my client was to give the business to someone who had more experience. I am happy to be a conduit or open up an avenue if needed if it means my client can achieve their real estate goals in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.

Constant Contact – A real criticism of agents in this day and age is the notion of being “forgotten”. Whether they’re selling or buying, the communication style is sporadic at best. As someone who wishes to be “kept in the loop” when dealing with others, I bring this philosophy to real estate. Buying or selling your home is big deal, right? Agents should be in constant communication with their client even if there is nothing new to report. Just a check in or a “no news yet” email is a good idea. I cringe whenever I hear someone say, “I signed the paperwork and then never heard from them. Ugh…

No Pressure – Conversely, one of the tenets of my business is not to be too pushy. Real estate is often a longer process than you see on HGTV. (seriously…those shows are silly at times with how easy they make everything look.) I told my wife when I got into this business that I wanted to have enough where I never have to push people to do something before they’re truly ready. This means if I have to wait another month to list a home (which is another month until I get paid a commission), then so be it. My experience is that the agents who have less going on in terms of sales volume are the ones who are on the pushier side…and I get that, but it simply isn’t the way I operate.

So there you have it… my three main promises. What else are you looking for from a realtor?

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