Is It OK to Use a Part Time Real Estate Agent?

Using part-time agents is not necessarily the worst thing in the world. As a full-time agent, I have had both good and bad experiences with them. This is not an indictment of their character or intentions, but much like any other profession it’s best to employ someone who lives and breathes their work rather than it being a second thought most days. This is likely to ruffle feathers because that seems to be the world we live in, but below are some of the reasons part-timers have less likelihood of truly serving the needs of their clients.

Experience – Part-timers are rarely weather tested like full time agents. This makes sense right? If someone is an agent all day, every day, they are more likely to have learned the tips and tricks of the trade along the way. This can be a major issue during inspections, negotiations, understanding how to write up contracts, etc. There’s no better teacher than experience.

Time – Especially for buyers, using a part-time agent can be less than convenient if they don’t have the flexibility in their schedule to get showings scheduled immediately or get offers drawn up and submitted prior to the deadline. On my team, I usually partner with another agent on all my buyer clients for this very reason. Time right now is of the essence.

Negotiation Skills – Having your head in this business every day allows for an agent to study best practices and truly understand the complexities of this business. When you’re submitting an offer alongside 5+ others, knowing how to stand apart is super important.

Relationships – I have won more than a fair share of bidding wars because of previous relationships with listing agents. Conversely, I will feel more comfortable going under contract with a buyer’s agent (this is ultimately up to the seller which buyer is selected) where we’ve done a deal prior. Again, if 4 offers are exactly the same and the seller asks for a recommendation and I will mention that I know the other agent, it will a lot of times sway that seller in their selection. Part-timers are less likely to be in that group since well… they are part-timers and less likely to have done a deal before with me.

My final statement: I am not saying part-time agents can’t get the job done, but in a market like this, I would highly recommend the use of someone where this is their main occupation.

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