“What Are The Pros and Cons of A Cash Offer For A Seller?”

I was recently in Virginia and received a voicemail from my good friend, Ashley Fusarelli, that goes something like this: “You said to ask you anything, so I am wondering what is the benefit of a cash offer for a house? I know someone who just recently received one and want to know whether thatContinue reading ““What Are The Pros and Cons of A Cash Offer For A Seller?””

“I’m Thinking About Buying, So When Should I Speak With a Lender?”

Generally in these articles, I will elude to a “grey area” since many topics pertaining to real estate can be complex and everyone’s situation is different. Thankfully, this topic is more cut and dry. When should you speak to a lender? The answer is: TODAY.   While some heed my advice and pick up theContinue reading ““I’m Thinking About Buying, So When Should I Speak With a Lender?””

“Can My Home Be an Investment?”

  Thank you to Jeff Groon for the question on my Facebook page. Being the Director of Financial Aid at the Wharton School of Business, Jeff is a smart guy who knows the investment world and how to manage money, but even seasoned professionals need to be reminded of the perennial truths of homeownership. NeverContinue reading ““Can My Home Be an Investment?””

Why Do Realtors Always Say “It’s a Good Time To Buy”?

From time to time, I open the floor to my friends on Facebook to answer their questions regarding real estate. I enjoy the real-time banter and often get direct responses and PMs asking me typical questions such as whether we are in “a bubble” or where do I see interest rates heading. (“What’s Going onContinue reading “Why Do Realtors Always Say “It’s a Good Time To Buy”?”

“Why Won’t My Home Sell?”

So this real estate question I don’t get very often, but it’s an important one. Of course, my first inclination is to say, “It’s because you didn’t list your home with me!” But in all seriousness, the truth is that there are many reasons a home won’t sell, but below are the biggest culprits: Funky SmellsContinue reading ““Why Won’t My Home Sell?””

“What’s Going on With Interest Rates?”

Lots of people are asking me this question, but what they’re REALLY asking is: “Are interest rates finally going up?” The answer: Yup…and they’re not going back down anytime soon. Industry expert Mike Thompson from Envoy Mortgage agrees when he says, “the ultra low rate environment we’ve experienced over the past 5 years (3% range) is gone whileContinue reading ““What’s Going on With Interest Rates?””

6 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for the Real Estate Process

For the last several months, I have been telling you all to “ask me anything”. So it was no surprise that over the holidays one of my clients came up to me and asked, “WHERE DO I START WHEN IT COMES TO REAL ESTATE?” The funny thing was that he asked it as if he wereContinue reading “6 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for the Real Estate Process”

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the US Real Estate Market?

  I originally wrote this article last month, however, I decided to wait in hopes of providing you all with a little more insight into what a Trump administration will mean for real estate. It goes without saying, the implication of a Trump presidency is the most common inquiry I now receive and after speakingContinue reading “What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the US Real Estate Market?”

Inspections are Where the Rubber Meets the Road…

  With the help of a couple talented agents, getting a buyer and seller to agree on price can be a beautiful thing! It’s an exciting time for both parties and optimism is usually very high. Back in May, one of my clients thanked me at this point for my hard work and said, “It’sContinue reading “Inspections are Where the Rubber Meets the Road…”