“Will COVID-19 Permanently Change Cities?”

It was a question that came from one of my #asksethanything sessions on Facebook and it made me pause. Even in these times, I am able to handle most questions pretty easily since this is a temporary (hopefully) situation, but this question has larger implications and requires some imagination. Could COVID-19 fundamentally change how andContinue reading ““Will COVID-19 Permanently Change Cities?””

“Is Mortgage Forbearance a Good Idea?”

In this time of COVID-19, our society is temporarily in uncharted waters. With a shutdown of most business and commerce, this means income in some cases have been paused as well. Inevitably this begs the question of whether people will have the cash reserves to service their debts and cover their living expenses in theContinue reading ““Is Mortgage Forbearance a Good Idea?””

“How Do I Adjust to My New Normal?”

People all over the country are going through this COVID pandemic in their own way. Some areas are deeply affected while others are questioning whether all this is real at all. I went through a rather rigorous thought process. I deliberated the pros and cons of certain real estate topics. What could I write thisContinue reading ““How Do I Adjust to My New Normal?””

“Why Did You Leave Berkshire Hathaway for RE/MAX?”

Hello All! 2019 was a crazy year with my business continuing to grow, moving my family, acquiring (and rehabbing) & selling a home. In all the hustle and bustle, I also decided to change brokerages and buy into a RE/MAX franchise!  Naturally, this is my most asked question by far right now. Why did IContinue reading ““Why Did You Leave Berkshire Hathaway for RE/MAX?””

FAQ – Ask Seth Anything Edition

Words cannot describe my gratitude for the many contributions to this article. I truly enjoy answering dozens of your questions on a monthly basis but there are some that are fan favorites and I get regularly. I thought it’d be fun to compile some of them here. Here goes…. Q: What is one misconception youContinue reading “FAQ – Ask Seth Anything Edition”

“Wait…What’s a Hot Water Heater?”

A short (and very true) story: There I was with my new seller. We were touring the home where I look for defects and ask questions. Upon entering the basement storage room where the various components of the home are located (HVAC, electrical, radon system etc.), I immediately asked my seller how old their hotContinue reading ““Wait…What’s a Hot Water Heater?””

“50 Shades of Maple Glen”: Good Marketing or In Poor Taste?

There I was sitting minding my business on a Friday morning when all of a sudden my phone started blowing up. Texts, emails and FB messages were basically telling me that a very special home had hit the market. I checked my FB feed and almost every 5th post (I counted) had to do withContinue reading ““50 Shades of Maple Glen”: Good Marketing or In Poor Taste?”

Are We Headed Into a Recession?

By far, this is the most asked question these days. I would be remiss if I didn’t address it. As I said in my last article, I have no “crystal ball”, but since that time there have been some developments which are affecting the real estate market. Interest Rates – This hasn’t gone unnoticed byContinue reading “Are We Headed Into a Recession?”

“Are Your Real Estate Holdings Recession-Proof?”

Don’t let the photo fool you, I do not have a crystal ball. Nonetheless, I decided to turn around and ask all of you homeowners a question: Are your real estate holdings recession-proof? While virtually no real estate is completely protected from the whims of the market, there are certain types of homes which areContinue reading ““Are Your Real Estate Holdings Recession-Proof?””

“What’s the Big Deal About Appraisal? Isn’t it Just an Opinion of Value?”

Right now, lots of buyers are entering into bidding wars and this means they can be forced to pay top dollar. From the seller’s perspective, they are “testing the market” and pricing their homes higher than usual knowing buyers are willing to pay. It can all be very dramatic and exciting, but have no misconceptions;Continue reading ““What’s the Big Deal About Appraisal? Isn’t it Just an Opinion of Value?””