Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Realtor?

You get your favorite nighttime gear and cozy up for a night of peaceful TV bliss, turn on the tube and happen upon the one and only HGTV. As you watch the agents on these shows you’ll notice they tour their clients with ease, spirits are always high & there’s never a whiff of tensionContinue reading “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Realtor?”

OMG! My Appraisal Came in Low! What Now?

You’ve gotten the home under contract, you’ve negotiated inspections, you’ve started to call movers and plan for your next phase when all of a sudden a terrible wrench is thrown into your transaction that causes heart palpitations: “The appraisal came in low” Now to everyone out there who just read that last sentence and thinkContinue reading “OMG! My Appraisal Came in Low! What Now?”

How Do I Select the Right Real Estate Agent?

September 2020 It’s a great question. One that people grapple with often, but perhaps not enough. Most know several agents, but can make the wrong selection just based on either not knowing their background or worry over having to tell them “no”. This can be a neighborhood realtor, the relative, the old high school classmate,Continue reading “How Do I Select the Right Real Estate Agent?”

What’s It Been Like Being a PA REALTOR During COVID?

By: Seth Lejeune (no,seriously) On May 19th, 2020 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania became the last state in America to allow real estate services during COVID. Granted, most states (and countries) never discontinued this sector of their economies, but after several weeks of stalled transactions, heavy restrictions, double mortgage payments and inconvenience to many of itsContinue reading “What’s It Been Like Being a PA REALTOR During COVID?”

“How Much is My Home Worth In COVID?”

This is the “big kahuna” question these days…It’s the one you might be afraid to ask… or too angry to ask, but in times of uncertainty the question of home values are top of mind and people come to real estate pros for answers. People’s emotions are all over the place right now, so IContinue reading ““How Much is My Home Worth In COVID?””

“What Can the Year 1985 Teach Us About Today?”

By: Seth Lejeune It was the year of the Goonies, Back to the Future and too many great songs to count. (RIP Prince) “What can 1985 teach us about today?” I’m fairly certain that everyone has (or at least I hope they do) a year or era of their lives where their recollection is oneContinue reading ““What Can the Year 1985 Teach Us About Today?””

What Does It Mean When It says “Pre-Foreclosure” on Zillow?

By: Seth Lejeune It’s inevitable. I get the random text from a client or acquaintance with an address and something that read, “Whoa… is this for real?” or “Why hasn’t this shown up in my MLS portal?” I then hop on my trusty MLS to find no such address for sale. Hmmmm…. AHA! It mustContinue reading “What Does It Mean When It says “Pre-Foreclosure” on Zillow?”

“What Does “10x” Mean?”

By: Seth Lejeune If you follow me on social media, you will often see me comment “10x”. Many have asked me what I mean. Talking about parenting wins? 10x! Talking about business success? 10x! People are crushing their personal goals? 10x! People are hitting the gym? 10x! What the hell am I talking about? GladContinue reading ““What Does “10x” Mean?””

“HELP! How in the World Do I Stay Productive Right Now?”

  By: Seth Lejeune It’s a very common complaint right now and if the picture above looks like your new daily work schedule, then keep reading. Like me, if you’re confined to your home office, homeschooling, landscaping, cooking, cleaning all in any given day, then you need these tips even more.  Many of our livesContinue reading ““HELP! How in the World Do I Stay Productive Right Now?””